Bespoke canvas spaces for all purposes and all seasons

The Safari Canvas Co. specialise in designing and constructing luxurious, eco-friendly canvas structures that seamlessly blend with the natural environment. Our mission is to create durable and aesthetically pleasing dwellings that will stand the test of time and weather.

We are proud to partner with The East African Canvas company, the original innovators in African luxury safari canvas structures. Our collaboration brings together a wealth of experience and creativity, making us a leader in the field.


Our modular structures are customisable to fit the needs of your business. The Meru Canvas Lodge is a great choice for country hotels and rural businesses looking for something unique. Our component-based systems and intelligent design technology allow us to create configurations that match your brand, enhance the guest experience, and fit your specific site.

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Robust & Eco-Friendly

Our structures are robust, able to withstand all weather conditions using the latest eco-innovations. They are also eco-friendly, having a low impact on the environment and being easy to assemble with minimal disruption.

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Our modular structures are versatile, allowing for rapid customization of architectural layouts and elevations. You can configure the number of verandas, doors, windows, cubicles, and partitions to meet the functional requirements of your project and to suit your unique aesthetic, or choose from our range of pre-designed structures.

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Return on Investment

Our solutions offer a low cost of ownership for a luxury product and we strive to have them installed and ready for decorating within 3 months of the order being placed. This allows your business to achieve a faster and greater return on investment compared to other equivalent solutions

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