Who are the Safari Canvas Company?

In 2021, tech entrepreneur Tim Ingham established The Safari Canvas Company. He ditched his laptop and rented a warehouse and workshop in the south of England, to pursue his life-long passion for safari tents and eco-tourism. Born in Zambia in the early 1970s and raised in several African countries, tented camps are what he calls home.

Tim recognises that luxury tented camps, when executed properly, can rival the most elegant, comfortable, and romantic accommodation and experiences found anywhere in the world. Although Europe and the US have recently embraced the trend of “glamping”, the level of luxury is still relatively low and there is a significant demand for 5-star tented experiences The Safari Canvas Company is proud to partner with The East African Canvas Co., the leading luxury tent manufacturer in East Africa, owned and run by Rob Flowers.

The Safari Canvas Company is design-driven and dedicated to constructing the most evocative and attractive tented camps and structures in Europe and beyond.

The company is registered in the UK and has operations in both the UK and Kenya. We maintain a stock of tents in the UK and offer additional services such as design, maintenance, and repair to better serve our clients.