Eco Camps

Creating high-quality camps in picturesque locations in Africa is part of our heritage, and we are now expanding to Europe and beyond. Our goal is to revolutionize the villa building market by constructing eco-friendly luxury tented camps in off-grid locations to take advantage of the growing demand for eco-tourism. These camps are exciting, romantic, and affordable, and can be built quickly with minimal environmental impact. 

Disrupting the modern villa construction industry

In contrast, building modern villas in remote areas is costly and labour-intensive, and traditional building methods have a significant impact on the environment.

15 Person Luxury tent camp

Dispersed guest accommodation
Low eco impact – No concrete
Light on logistics
Low cost Circa £350k
Exempt or short planning process
Rapid construction 6-12 months
Low cost maintenance
Income potential – £200-300k pa


15 Person modern villa

Centralised guest accommodation
High eco impact
Heavy on logistics
High cost Circa £3m
Lengthy planning process
Protracted build 3- 5 years
High cost maintenance
Income potential – £200-300k pa


The Safari Canvas ‘Camp-in-a-Box’ concept involves constructing as much of the camp offsite as possible and then packing it into containers for transport. The size of the containers used varies based on logistics and their intended use at the camp. The goal is to create a fully functional and high-quality ‘flat packed’ camp that can be easily transported and set up at its final destination.

What is in the Box?

  • All hard wood tent decks: pre-cut and numbered for easy reconstruction on site
  • All hardwood pathways and steps
  • The galvanised steel tent Frames and eucalyptus poles
  • The canvas tents and linings
  • Large pergola timbers and shade materials for the outdoor dining and entertaining area
  • Fixtures: complete kitchen; complete bathrooms (and plumbing); Curtains; Lights (sockets and wiring); fans
    and eco-aircons; Laundry machines;
  • Furniture: dining tables; chairs; sofas; sun-beds; rugs; pictures; beds; mattresses; art work; screens; lamps; cupboards; shelves; cushions; linen
  • Miscellaneous: mops; buckets; tools; first aid kits; BBQ; outside lighting
  • Services: Solar system (panels, batteries, cables); Sewage (Klargester, soil pipes); Water tanks, pumps, pipes, fittings

The Process – all in as little as six months

Day 1
Survey the site after signing pre engagement (TSCC)

Day 30
Agree concept and design ideas. 3d model & mood board (TSCC + Client)
Sign contract – pay 50% upfront

Day 60
Begin services groundworks & installation – Solar; water, and sewage (TSCC)

Day 120
Complete and pre build the Camp in a Box at our workshops in Kenya (TSCC)
Source the furniture; fixtures and fittings; linen etc (TSCC + Client)
Pay 35%
QA it all in Kenya (TSCC + Client)
Pack it into 40 ft containers and ship it to site (TSCC)

Day 150
Day Start construction of Camp in a box (TSCC)
Clad the shipping containers in wood and solar panels and use them as lockable storage units and works rooms (TSCC)
Basic landscaping (TSCC)

Day 180
Hand over the ready to use camp to the owner (TSCC + Client)
Pay 15% balance