What do we sell?

Luxury African Safari Lodges. Very high quality, beautifully made Canvas structures as seen in top end Safari camps across much of Eastern and Southern Africa are now available to buy in Europe from our UK workshop and office based in Wiltshire. We also build off grid luxury camps to cater for the ever expanding demand for luxury eco-tourism.

How quickly could we have a lodge installed?

We could have a lodge installed in as little as 3 months from order…

Survey the site (TSCC + Client)

Day 1
Agree concept and design ideas (TSCC + Client)
Sign contract – pay 50% upfront (TSCC + Client)

Day 2
Begin services groundworks & installation – Solar; water, and sewage (Client)
Lodge is made to specification (TSCC)

Day 75
Lodge is delivered (TSCC + Client)
Pay 35%  (Client)

Day 80
Construction of the deck begins (TSCC)

Day 85
Lodge is erected (TSCC)

Day 180
Hand over the ready to use Lodge to the owner (TSCC + Client)

Pay 15% balance 

What are the tents made of and how sustainable are they?

– The canvas elements of the tents are made from Riptech 500 – An Acrylic-Treated Polyester Ripstop Fabric. Although this fabric is a synthetic material is also extremely durable and will last many year longer than a natural canvas alternative. We have taken the decision to use Ripstop in lieu of and natural canvas as it is better for the environment in the long term. Ripstop 500 will stand the test of time and not need to be replaced for between 8 and 20 years (depending on the exposure to the elements) It is Waterproof / UV resistant / Fungal Resistant and fire resistant to British Standard BS 7837:1996. 

– The Frame is made up of three different elements and materials. 

  1. The roof frame is a substantial steel tubular structure which is galvanise to prevent corrosion
  2. The wooden legs, crowns(Finials) and out riggers are made from treated Eucalyptus wood.This is a sustainable material because of the eucalyptus trees’ carbon sequestration potential and the carbon offset value at the end of any products made with eucalyptus wood.The timber grows very straight and is extremely strong, it is pressure treated to prevent rot and fungal attack and will decades of properly maintained. The timber is imported by boat from South Africa and is widely used in the construction industry.
  3. The wooden pole fittings are made from zinc plated steel. This gives the fittings an aesthetic goldish appearance and protects the steel from rust.

The fixings all screws, bolts and nails used to construct our tents are either stainless steel or zinc plated to protect them against corrosion and ensure the tents maintains their structural integrity.

The Deck a variety of materials can be used to make up the decks. We would recommend using galvanised steel ground screws, treated pine framing and reclaimed scaffold boards. Using reclaimed/upcycled scaffold boards is extremely strong as it is 38mm thick and is pressure treated to resist rot and fungus.

Where are the tents manufactured?

The canvas elements of the tents are manufactured in Kenya by our sister company East African Canvas Company. They have over 25 years of experience at building the most luxurious tents for the best safari camps in East Africa. We carry stock of the tents and tent components in our Wiltshire warehouse. The steel frames, wooden poles and decks are made or prepared in our Wiltshire workshop by our skilled team.

Do the Safari Tents require planning permission?

Answering this question can be tricky since the response hinges on the location and intended use of the tents. If the tents are meant for commercial use, then they likely require planning permission. It’s highly recommended that you consult with your local planning office since planning regulations vary widely between different authorities.

We’re here to assist you in the process and can provide a range of complete architectural details, interior plans, images, and fabric samples to support your application.

What sort of base do the Safari Tents require?

The installation of the tents involves mounting them onto a wooden deck, which should be made of exterior-grade, pressure-treated timber decking. Our team of proficient carpenters is responsible for constructing decks for most of our customers, and we’d be pleased to connect you with them. However, some clients prefer to construct their decks, and in that case, we can provide you with decking plans that correspond to the tent’s dimensions.

What is the expected life of the Safari Tents?

With proper care and maintenance, our tents can endure for a lifetime. To achieve this, it’s crucial to maintain adequate tension and cleanliness of the tent. The need to replace an entire tent is rare and is usually only due to unforeseen disasters. Our tents are designed with high-quality components that can be individually replaced in case of damage or normal wear and tear. The shade fly component, which is typically the most exposed to the elements, is often the first to require replacement.

The tents are made up of numerous components – Windows, doors, partitions and linings can be quickly removed and replaced as they are secured with thick, sandwiched Velcro.

Can the Safari Tents be used year round?

Our structures are constructed using materials specifically designed for year-round outdoor use, and they are intended to be in place throughout the year. We’ve collaborated with structural engineers for several years, and all our safari tents have been engineered and designed to function as both permanent and temporary demountable structures.

Do you install the Safari Tents?

Yes we do, and we also can offer a supported installation service dependant on your needs. For instance, some clients already have suitable staff resources on site and so we assist with the first tent while advising on the correct way to install so that the site team can then continue with the remaining installation. Other customers may need a little more support so we tailor a package to suit.

What happens if our Safari Tent needs a repair?

Don’t hesitate to give us a call! We understand the significance of maintaining your tents in excellent condition for your guests, whether you’re using them for glamping accommodations or a hospitality venue. As soon as you encounter an issue, we strive to repair your tent as quickly as possible. For instance, we may send a component for you to use while we repair your damaged one.

Can we make changes to the Safari Tent design ?

Yes of course. Many of our larger bespoke tents are brand new designs and so we work closely with each client allowing the maximum opportunity for our clients to tailor the structure to their exact requirements. The nature of the frames may mean there are some limitations but do ask us and we will try to accommodate. We can also offer several different colours of the canvas and PVC and various window styles.

What about interior design and furnishing the Tents?

We believe that no two tents should look the same and design is everything. We have our own interior designers and we also offer an introductory service to third party interior designers that we have worked with.

Do the Safari Tents require annual maintenance?

The tents really don’t need much maintenance. We do offer an annual maintenance plan to ensure the tents are tensioned properly and that all the zips and fasteners are running smoothly.

If you do experience any problems then please call us immediately and we will do our best to fix the problem or send you spare panels/parts from our Wiltshire stock.

How do we order a Safari Tent?

Whether you are buying safari tents for a glamping location or a bespoke tent for a unique hospitality venue, we will first agree the design and overall finish. Once you are ready to place an order we will then require a 50% deposit to secure the order and your quoted lead time. Lead times can change somewhat throughout the year dependant on demand so do keep in touch with us.