– The Meru –

We offer a range of modular canvas structures which can be configured to become anything from luxury bedrooms, wellness centres, shooting / fishing lodges, dining areas or vibrant cocktail bars. These structures come with a core system that includes a ripstop membrane structure, inter changeable windows and mosquito netting; modular galvanised frames and movable partitions. You can choose from various colour and veranda options, and there is a selection of upgrades and additional features that allow you to customize the pre-designed units to your desired style and guest experience.

Prices starting from £25,000 (ex. VAT)

The Modular system

Same superstructure configured to meet your requirements

Veranda options

The Meru Tent – x4 Verandas

Deck dimensions:
14.45m x 10.1m
Internal dimesions:
10m x 5.5m

The Meru Tent – x1 small veranada

Deck dimensions:
12.3m x 6.4m
Internal dimesions:
10m x 5.5m

Verandas in use

Optional Extensions to the superstructure

How The Meru can be used…

– Accommodation –

– Add luxury accommodation to your existing offering
– Monetise the grounds of your hotel
– Lower planning threshold for canvas ‘tents’ seen as semi-permanent structures
– Approval for tents the curtilage of listed building is much more likely
– Rapid build and commercialisation
– Connected or OFF GRID

– Common areas –

– Create cocktail bars, dining areas, games rooms; wellness centres; yoga rooms; gift shops; farm shops; pool houses; saunas; you name it these tents are extremely versatile
– Accommodate more wedding parties; birthday parties etc without disrupting the other guests using the hotel
– Combine private common areas with private bedrooms
– Make use of beautiful spots on the hotel’s grounds

– Social & Entertaining –

– Create more entertaining space in the grounds of your business; house; farm or estate
– Ideally suited to being a remote shoot lunch venue or fishing lodges nestled on the banks of a chalk stream rivers or lakes
– The perfect alternative ‘party barn’ style space for all to enjoy
– Bespoke linings can really set these lodges apart from anything else on the market
– Powerful wood burning stoves and underfloor heating options will keep you warm year round